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The unpublished pictorial of BTS’ V-jungkook state’s fila draws attention.

bts fila
bts fila

On Wednesday, an additional photo album of BTS members, which has not been released, was revealed on Fila Korea SNS.

Among them, V and Jungkook pose with a chic look.

Fans are paying attention to the two men who show off their shiny visuals even in training.

Fila has made headlines for signing with global artist BTS.

Meanwhile, BTS will unveil its new song for the first time on the popular late night talk show Jimmy Fallon Show in the U.S.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which airs on NBC’s channel, said on its official SNS on Monday that BTS will appear on the Jimmy Fallon show on Monday.

On the same day, BTS will unveil the title track of its fourth full-length album “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7.”