Crayon Pop Geummi has become a man’s wife amid blessings. Geummi showed off her pure yet elegant wedding dress, and during the reception she chose a bold black dress with her shoulders exposed. Geummi’s wedding was held behind closed doors somewhere in Seoul at 1:40 p.m. Soyul pop to members of the party’s crayons, Elin, way, and choa The eldest of the future of the truly a blessing.

Geummi wedding photo
pic : the bridge


The wedding went on without a weekly basis. The wedding song was sung by Crayon Pop Choa.

accroding to TV report, “It was so beautiful to see all members of Crayon Pop attending the wedding even though they were avoiding attending the wedding due to Korona 19 and so on.”

Geummi, wedding photo
pic : the bridge

Geummi’s marriage was first reported in a separate report on July 9. Keum-mi’s husband is a friend of the same age who does business in the U.S., and the two became a couple after a long period of love.

Also, while preparing for the wedding, she had a double whammy of learning about her pregnancy. Geum-mi is currently a prospective mother who is in her 12th week of pregnancy.

I’m sure you were surprised to hear about the wedding out of nowhere, but I’d be more than happy if you welcomed me with a warm blessing,” he said in a handwritten letter posted on his fan cafe

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