kwon min ah

We apologize for any concerns about AOA… I think kwon min ah recovery is more important than expressing his position.

Recently, Min-A, a former member of AOA, revealed that she was harassed by Jimin, who was the leader. He confessed that Jimin’s harassment led to self-harm. For this reason, Jimin finally decided to withdraw from the team and suspend activities.

kwon min ah
kwon min ah

However, Mina’s revelation continued. The reason was that Jimin’s apology didn’t work.

In particular, Mina was shocked by releasing self-harm photos several times and mentioning that she was hurt by Seolhyun and Chanmi among AOA members.

Accordingly, criticism was applied to the other members as well as the agency that seemed to be still in this situation.

In this regard, FNC said, “We sincerely apologize and regret that we have caused you anxiety with various unfavorable things related to AOA.
We apologize for the inconvenience and concern.”

“More than anything else, I apologize deeply in the hope that Min-a will recover her health as soon as possible.”

“We apologize for the delay in the announcement of the position and for not carefully examining the relationship between the members,” said FNC. “I hesitated over the announcement of the position.

The members have also been feeling frustrated day by day, and they know the situation where there is criticism. However, the most important thing is that Min-a’s health recovery is the top priority.”

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