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Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin of Crash landing on you were eventually divided into the South and the North.

In the final episode of tvN’s Saturday drama “Crash landing on you,” which aired on Wednesday afternoon, Hyun Bin, or Ri Jeong-hyeok, who will be repatriated to the North.

The mother, who visited Son Ye-jin (Yoon Se-ri), who saved her life, said that the repatriation

crash landing on you final plot
from tvN – crash landing on you

of Ri had been decided. In response, Son said, “I made my last few greetings. This will only make it harder for him to get there. I don’t even want to let them know that I was sick,” he said.

Before he collapsed, he recalled the memory of Hyun Bin telling him, “What I’m looking at is more painful.

In response, my mother said, “I’ve been by your side all along. Even during the long hours of surgery, I was beside you for days until I woke up, neither eating nor sleeping. I saw you open your eyes and then I left,” he said.

Hyun Bin stayed in front of Son’s room all the time. However, after Son opened his eyes, he backed away from seeing nothing. After watching Son wake up, Hyun Bin left his post with NIS agents again.

When she heard the story, Son cried, “I miss you so much.” With his mother, he went out to see Hyun Bin’s final route.

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