hi bye mama

“Hi-bye, Mama!” Kim Tae-hee’s “Real Reincarnation” story will take place in earnest on Friday.

First aired on Tuesday, “Harama” returned after five years, and Kim Tae-hee drew sympathy based on perfect synchronization.

Kim Tae-hee detailed her feelings from her natural and lovely acting to desperate tears.

He talked about stories that anyone can relate to with a pleasant touch and a warm feeling.

Cha Yu-ri, a ghost mother who couldn’t leave the world due to the pain of not having once hugged her child, was happy just looking at her family. There was a twist in that car glass.

On Christmas night, a falling snowflake touched Cha’s shoulder. The dramatic ending of Cho Kang-hwa (Lee Kyu-hyung) who found his dead wife Cha Yu-ri in the crowd was added, raising curiosity.

Whether Cha Yuri has become a person or Cho Kang-hwa has recognized Cha Yuri, interest is mounting in the story that “Obama” will solve.

Meanwhile, the photo released draws attention as Cha Yu-ri and her daughter Cho Seo-woo look at each other. Cha’s eyes at her daughter’s face quickly filled with tears.

Cho Seo-woo, who looks just like Cha Yu-ri, is also making eye contact with a bright smile, which surprises viewers. The meeting between Cha Yu-ri and Jo Seo-woo’s mother and daughter stimulates one’s curiosity as to what kind of change they will bring.

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