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One day, a precious man who promised to be with us for the rest of his life suddenly leaves us in an accident, another day suddenly… What if I come back alive?

One day, the dead wife came back alive!


The story, which began with this absurd and vain imagination, asks a question as to whether miraculous things that go against the path of the universe and the path of loss happen before us, is it really just a blessing?

Here’s a fresh wife, Cha Yu-ri, who is so fresh as to be overshadowed by five years of ghosthood, and a man (Cho Gang-hwa) who has started a new life, living in pain missing his dead wife.

Through this couple, life and death, this irrevocable purity and loss try to retrace the message to us and tell us the time and the hurt they have suffered.

And there are no ghosts in this drama that are filled with There are uncle ghosts, mother ghosts, baby ghosts, etc. who just want to stay with us in a normal way, and perhaps more human than human beings, so that they can smile and feel warm inside their mouths.

This drama is human, it’s comedy!


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