In ” It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode” Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji, and Jang Young-nam face each other in ” The Last Name of Moon Young. ”  In the tvN Toil drama ” It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, ” which has only two episodes left until the end, he is maximizing his tension by showing how he faced Moon Gang-tae (played by Kim Soo-hyun) and Ko Moon-yeong (played by Seo Ye-ji) fiercely.


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode episode
It’s Okay to Not Be Okay episode episode

In the previous broadcast, it was revealed that the author, who had been missing whether he had died or not, was Park Haeng-ja (Jang Yeong-nam), the head nurse of a good mental hospital, causing a storm. On top of this, he was shocked by the true identity of the late actor, Moon Kang-tae, who alone carried the truth that Ko’s mother may have murdered her mother, and even Ko, who learned about her mother’s actions against the Moon Kang-jae, who showed her true colors.

In the photos released, eyes are drawn to the faces of Do Hee-jae, who brought everyone to the castle of Moon Young, and Moon Kang-tae and Ko Moon-young, who are deeply angry with her. In particular, the surprisingly peaceful attitude of Goh Hee-jae, who is almost ready to attack Do Hee-jae, and Moon Kang-tae, who is trying to stop Moon, are raising questions.

Moon, who followed Hee-jae without a doubt as a nurse who believed him as a Park Haeng-ja, is more worried because he fainted.

Attention is focusing on whether the Moongangtae brothers, who have been unable to settle for more than 20 years due to their mother’s death and trauma, will be able to end this brutal tale in the castle of Mun-young. Goh Moon-young, who was caught in her mother’s trap and feared for her life, also raises questions about whether she will finally be able to find freedom.

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