It's Okay to Not Be Okay Best Scene4
It's Okay to Not Be Okay Best Scene4
It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Best Scene4

Kim Soo-hyun, Seo Ye-ji, and Oh Jung-se are pouring out great scenes every week, laughing, ringing and making viewers laugh through “Cyco But It’s Okay.” Especially, when were the moments that stimulated viewers’ five senses? Ahead of the end of the show, “It’s a Psycho, But It’s Okay” adds to the lingering imagery by laughing at viewers and revealing the good scenes that made them cry.


” Go Mun-young! ” Kim Soo-hyun, Oh Jeong-se, and Seo Ye-ji “

Moon constantly rapped Goh with his brother, Moon Sang-tae (Oh Jeong-se), in the hope that Ko Moon-young will not take his brother away from him, but will have another family to be with him. To the two people who were worried that it would be opened for good, Moon Sang-tae said, ” Go Mun-young! Come quickly, ‘ he said, slowly opened the closed heart. The three of them walking side by side with happy faces made them feel like a family, and they were deeply moved. (11 innings)


remove the door pin? Raging fist for Ko Mun-young!

Goh Mun-young was slapped across the face while trying to help Lee Areum, a wise man who was bullied by her ex-husband. Just before Ko Moon-young suddenly turned to fight back with a rock, Moon Kang-tae rushed to the scene and punched the man in the face. This scene, in which Moon, who was always patient, exploded with an uncharacteristically angry face, was both thrilling and thrilling, as it was a scene of Moon’s awakening against Ko. (8)


A tacit taboo of the Moon Kang-tae brothers, ‘ Ice river incident ‘, breaks up.

While Moon Kang-tae and Ko were enjoying their first deviation in their lives, Moon Sang-tae exploded his feelings due to his disappointment at having lied to him and fears that he might lose his younger brother to Ko. In particular, he vented his anger by releasing his younger brother’s memories of running away from him. Moon is also in a state of panic as his past, like a burden on his mind, is revealed on the surface, and the scene in which he even cries with his hands, even conveying extreme grief. (9th inning)


Rock : Very excited! Happy birthday writer Moon Sang Tae

The scene depicting Moon Sang-tae going to the autograph event for Ko Moon-young is considered one of the highlights of director Park Shin-woo and CG. A beautiful new painting flew in and guided Moon Sang-tae, and the paintings danced to the scene where he could reach each step. The scene, which was like a musical, was brilliantly expressed by Moon Sang-tae’s pure heart and deeply engraved in the viewer’s mind. (2)


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