Seo Ye-ji and Kim Soo-hyun, who ranked first and second in popularity among the cast. ” It’s Okay to Not Be Okay No, ” a drama starring actor Kim Soo-hyun and actor Seo Ye-ji, has topped the list of hot topics in the drama category.

It's Okay to Not Be Okay No
It’s Okay to Not Be Okay No


TvN ” I’m Psycho But That’s OK ” increased by 0.53 percent compared to the previous week, ranking No. 1 in dramas for seven consecutive weeks. Head nurse Jang Young-nam was revealed and many praised her performance. The four cast members were ranked in the top 10 with Seo Ye-ji, Kim Soo-hyun, Oh Jeong-se, and Jang Yeong-nam, ranking seventh in the list.


The second place winner was KBS 2, ” I’ve been there once, ” which attracted much attention from Chun Ho-jin, X, and Lee Jung-eun’s family reunions. Cheon Ho-jin and Lee Jung-eun’s reunion video recorded the highest number of hits in dramas (based on Good Data Collection). Other scenes of Lee Sang-yeop and Lee Sang’s song battle were also filled with amused responses. Cheon Ho-jin, the star of the cast, came in eighth, and Cho Mi-ryeong came in ninth.

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