kim soo hyun seo ye ji

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Happy ending with Kim Soo hyun Seo Ye ji  eternal love, and Oh Jeong-se’s independence.

kim soo hyun seo ye ji
kim soo hyun seo ye ji

At the end of the twists and turns, the children’s book “Finding the Real Real Face”, created by Seo Ye ji (Ko Moon-young) and Oh Jeong-se (Moon Sang-se), was published, and ended with Kim Soo-hyun Seo Yeji  and Oh Jeong-se, who went on a new life journey.

Kim Soo-hyun, who was a boy wearing a mask with only the tail of his mouth smiling in a fairy tale book, came to love himself without tears anymore. Seo Ye-ji, a princess with an empty tin, with only a loud sound, learned how to comfort others’ sadness.

Uncle Oh Jeong-se, who lived in a stuffy box, escaped from the past by himself. The three got away with their hard lives and found true happiness.

The elements that capture the eyes and ears, such as illustrations and children’s books with fairy tale codes, fancy CG technology and sets with fantasy, and OST and BGM that inspire emotions attracted attention.

Above all, a reflection on the inner human being made it impossible to get out of the viewers every week. The process of finding happiness by confronting the crushed wounds of each person with pain, gaining the courage to overcome them, and finding happiness gave consolation and empathy to many.

He organically linked the wounds and the process of overcoming the characters who said’it’s psycho but it’s okay’. Completed a beautiful fairy tale.

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