Singer DAWN has released a dreamy “MONEY.”

The teaser released attracts the attention of symbolic and dreamy objects. The mysterious butterfly on the back of Dunn’s hand, a scar-filled face and a rising image in the air create both curiosity and anticipation for the new song.

Earlier on his SNS, DAWN published a series of videos containing some of the songs on the professional screen following the “money” silent version, revealing some of the melodies and lyrics of the new songs.

Money, I hate you. It’s definitely dirty. Why is it shining?

DOWN’s unexpected clear-cut vocals, a serious question about Money, caught my ears.

After joining the organization, Ethan will change his name to DAWN and start his career as a solo artist. With his own songwriting and composing “Money,” he heralded his leap as a singer-songwriter.

DAWN’s first solo single “Money” will be unveiled via each music site at 6 p.m. on May 5.


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