Back To School, 2020 BTS

FILA Korea, a sports brand, introduced its “Back To School, 2020 BTS collection on the 13th to mark the upcoming new semester with global model BTS.

Through the 2020 BTS collection, Fila proposes a variety of items, including shoes, logo man-to-man and track jacket, including a lay-tracer, OakmentTR and barricaded XT97, with backpacks, which are required for the new semester. They have gathered styling that can be used in everyday life, away from formal school looks.

The seven members of BTS, the exclusive model, filmed the 2020 BTS pictorial, wearing their own backpacks, clothes and shoes. The concept of filming is BTS, which has fun in the locker room after school. It embodies differentiated school look by adding members’ unique personality to its collection that contains the brand’s own color.