kim hee chul - momo scandal

Super Junior member Kim Hee-chul spoke about his complicated feelings during his romantic relationship with TWICE member Momo.

kim hee chul - momo scandal
kim hee chul – momo scandal

When rumors of a romantic relationship with Momo surfaced on the 2nd, Kim Hee-chul declared an open love affair, saying, “We are meeting with each other with a good feeling after establishing a relationship as a senior member of the entertainment industry.” Kim Hee-chul acknowledged the first romantic relationship that surfaced 15 years after his debut in the music scene as Super Junior.


Kim Hee-chul said, “My bowl isn’t that big, and as I got too much support from fans, I thought, ‘I might not be a nigger to be an entertainer.'”I said frankly. In response, Taeyeon of Girls` Generation said, “There was a time when I needed to recharge myself.”I sincerely supported Kim Hee-chul.


Taeyeon heartily cheered her best friend Kim Hee-chul who seemed to be able to go with her, while offering Kim Hee-chul a surprise gift for her pet dog, which moved her greatly.