King of Masked Singer by kim hee-chul

On MBC’s entertainment show “King of Masked Singer” which aired on Wednesday, “Generation X,” a music anti-music, because no one can define me, competed against “Gang Yak Jung Yak, Jung Yak,” which had no middle song in the second round.

The mournful singer of Lee Seung-chul’s “last concert” advanced to the third round, 66 to 33, defeating Jam No Jin-su.

In the third round of the final round in which candidates for Gawang will be selected, “Five consecutive wins? He’s talking about grazing. He’s up against Brachiosaurus. She selected Seo’s “I Know” to show off her fun performance and stage manners. He fought a close match, but lost by a score of 55 to 44.

Later, Kim Hee-chul said, “As soon as I took off my mask and saw the lights and the audience, I heard nothing and felt happy. Thanks to ‘King of Masked Singer’ I realized anew that I really liked singing.

KIMSUNHEE_mask of dance
KIMSUNHEE_mask of dance

I sincerely thank all those who gave me the chance to be on a good stage and all those who applauded,” he said.

On the same day, Kim Hee-chul said on the show, “You won’t know my singing voice. I was shy to sing.