tteokbokki and kimbab, they usually sell on the street. For a brief introduction, I went to eat rice cake and gimbap with my beloved son. First of all, the method of ordering is simple.
If you are on the street where rice cakes or kimbap are sold, you should stand up and eat.
If it’s a restaurant or store, go in and sit down.

In the video, there is an order ticket at the table.
Write the number 1 next to the box on the order sheet. Number 1 represents one, but for rice cake, it is one person.

Let’s not order 2 servings for 2 people. You can order one for each person first, and if you want to eat more, you can order one more.

Most orders for gimbap are the same. You can order a serving, and if the amount is insufficient, you can order. In the video, they ordered little gimbap.
Little kimbap is about eight small kimbap per person.

You can order two people for one and eat together.


We usually order one person for gimbap and one person for tteokbokki. It tastes like honey if we eat together.


The menu we ordered is ggoma-kimbap(1 serving 2000~2500won), a serving of tteokbokki(2000~3000won), and two fish cakes(odeng- 1ea is 500~1000won).

The total price is 6,000 won.

For example, if you eat in a street cart, it can be a little more expensive or cheaper.
For example, if you eat at a store, the price varies a little.

If you eat at a store, you’d better refer to the menu. There is no price to rip off.
Prices vary slightly depending on where you eat.